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Our programming goal: Schools teams engage in a disciplined, integrative, and iterative process to design or redesign their school. A strong school team includes instructional leaders (principal, assistant principal, and/or instructional coach), teachers, and students. 

We believe that school design is a process and that the process of designing is as important as what is designed.

The Summer Design Studio is our signature pre-application experience that convenes new teams and existing teams to develop the vision for their new school. Please select the most appropriate team designation. We will hold the studio at our offices on August 1, 2017 - August 3, 2017.

Charter schools interested in redesign should not be in their fifth year review process. *

Using an equity centered design process, teams will clarify their vision for their new school design. The next set of questions will help us understand how your vision is developing.

Explain the idea as it is currently formulated in your mind in 100 words or less. What do students need to be able to do? What is getting in their way? How does your idea solve this problem?*

Have you ever participated in a design thinking process or set of activities? If so, tell us about that experience or set of experiences. *

Tell us about the activities or experiences you use to sharpen your equity and anti-bias lens. Share any books, conferences, convenings, or readings that support your growth and development in this area. *

Teams are strongly encouraged to bring students to the design institute. Please list all team members who will attend Summer Design Studio. *

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We look forward to designing with you!
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